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What is Web Design?

What is Web Design?

Web design represents the planning and creation of websites. It includes all the information, such user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of design to create a customized website that meets the requirements  of the owner and web designer.

Design is a key part of Web Design. It includes all design items: balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and unity ;  their elements are : lines, shapes, texture, color, and direction.

In such a way, by including these elements, a web designer creates websites.
Web Design Has Many Different Roles. When you want to create a web design, you can work on entire sites or individual pages and there is a lot to learn before being a professional designer:

    -JavaScript (and Ajax)
    -CGI programming
    -PHP, ASP, ColdFusion scripting
    -Information architecture
    -Server management
    -Web strategy and marketing
    -E-commerce and conversions
    -Web Content and so on.

Our web designers being great professionals create excellent Web Design, User Interface, Design for a excellent and successful web experience. They use profound planning and analysis for the design and they pay attention to individual client details, converting the complicated process into a creative, effective, simple and stylish masterpiece.

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