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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Most business people have now heard of Social Media Marketing, but because of the time overhead, very few are embracing it as a strategy.

Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services via things like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (pronounced Google Plus) to improve your online presence.

A common misconception is that social media marketing is all about getting new customers from Twitter (or Facebook etc.). Strangely perhaps, this is not the most powerful part of the strategy.

The two most important benefits from an embedded social media campaign:

  • Google LOVES social media and once we embed an SMM feed directly into your website to push regular updates (hours not days) onto your website you will benefit from a jump in your websites position in Google. Google LOVES regularly updated websites. These Google benefits will get you more visitors from Google... not from Twitter (etc.)
  • A visible, regularly updated feed on your website will engage your customers while establishing trust and professionalism. It will make people feel confident in buying a product or service from you. You will see an improvement on your visitor to contact or sale ratio.
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